We are most widely known for our disability insurance programs for students and veterinarians.


Total Planning Veterinary Services is here for you! During vet school, feel free to contact us with any financial questions that you have. As you start to close in on graduation, it is time to prepare you for the transition from student to doctor. There are certain steps one must take to ensure this important process is handled seamlessly. We will guide you and advise you through this process to make sure you are on the path to success.

Disability insurance for soon to be veterinarians is one of the most important steps to take at graduation.

It does not matter whether you are going to an internship, private practice, or corporate practice. Be sure to take advantage of our special disability insurance program! In terms of disability insurance for soon to be veterinarians, and disability insurance for recently graduated veterinarians, this plan offers benefits not available through other agents/companies/brokers.

Other important steps we can assist you with prior to graduation are negotiating benefits into your contract and determining which student loan repayment plan you should apply for.

Feel free to schedule an appointment or contact us at any time for details regarding our special disability program. We do not charge any planning or consultation fees.


Disability insurance for practicing veterinarians is a must.

As a veterinarian, you are highly educated and specially trained- your disability insurance policy should reflect this. We recommend an individual disability insurance plan that covers you specifically as a veterinarian and protects you 24/7/365 on and off the job. In addition, your plan should come with guarantees in terms of pricing, benefits, and coverage. While there are many disability insurance options available in the market, veterinarians should have a policy that is comprehensive and offers these guarantees. Many policies that are heavily marketed to veterinarians lack these important guarantees. As a provider of disability insurance for veterinarians, we help our clients obtain policies that include these important benefits and features. In addition to providing disability insurance for practicing veterinarians, we also provide our clients with life insurance and disability overhead expense insurance. If you own a practice, are buying a practice, or are starting a practice, you may need these other two types of insurance policies. We have helped hundreds of clients start or buy into a practice.


Easy enrollment options for practice owners and practice managers.

Total Planning Veterinary Services assists practice owners with designing and implementing their group benefit insurance plans. We offer a large selection of insurance options including health, dental, vision, life, disability, critical illness, and accident. Our team has years of experience in creating cost effective and competitive group insurance programs for clinics to help meet their unique and exact needs. We utilize an online software platform to make the enrollment process easy and efficient. This platform allows our practice owners and practice managers to spend less time focusing on benefits and more time on what matters most- their clients.


Why should I use Total Planning Veterinary Services?

We specialize in working with veterinarians and have done so for over thirty years.  We have discounted insurance plans for veterinary students and veterinarians. Most importantly, we have special arrangements that you cannot receive through other agents/brokers/companies. These arrangements are proprietary to TPVS.

Do you have veterinarians that I can speak with as well?

We have several veterinarians who serve as educational consultants and assist with resume writing and interviewing. In addition, they can provide advice regarding working as a veterinarian and starting/owning a practice.

Can someone help me negotiate benefits into my contract?

We assist soon to be graduates and veterinarians with negotiating benefits/money into your contract. We have many years of experience in providing this service.

Should I still purchase my own individual disability insurance if I am going to an internship/residency after graduation?

Yes! You have current and future income to protect. For interns we design a plan to accommodate your reduced income during this time.

Should I still purchase my own individual disability insurance if I'm going to a corporate practice after graduation?

Yes! Call us to find out why!

Do you have someone who can help me discuss becoming a partner or purchasing/starting my own practice.

We provide advice in both purchasing/starting a practice as well as buying into an existing practice. 

Do you charge any planning or consultation fees?

No- we do not charge any planning or consultation fees.