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A top resource for veterinarians and students.

Our clientele is diverse, including many small animal, mixed animal, large animal, and board certified veterinarians.

At Total Planning Veterinary Services, we carefully design each insurance plan to ensure it meets our client’s unique and individual needs.

Disability insurance for veterinarians is the foundation of a good financial plan.

It protects your income if you become too sick or too hurt to work. Every veterinarian should have a policy that reflects their level of education, training, and income. In addition, we believe a policy should offer guarantees in terms of pricing, benefits, and coverage. At Total Planning Veterinary Services, we only provide our clients with policies that reflect these important specifications.

TPVS also serves as a resource for veterinarians who are buying or starting a practice.

These transactions typically require a complex set of insurance solutions that we are uniquely positioned to handle. Let us help you with your insurance requirements to make sure you can open your business on your schedule. In addition, we have other industry partners that can assist you in the accounting, legal, and other areas to ensure your business is running effectively.

Serving the veterinary community for over 30 years.

Learn more about how we can serve students and practicing veterninarians alike.


Why should I use Total Planning Veterinary Services?

We specialize in working with veterinarians and have done so for over thirty years.  We have discounted insurance plans for veterinary students and veterinarians. Most importantly, we have special arrangements that you cannot receive through other agents/brokers/companies. These arrangements are proprietary to TPVS.

Do you have veterinarians that I can speak with as well?

We have several veterinarians who serve as educational consultants and assist with resume writing and interviewing. In addition, they can provide advice regarding working as a veterinarian and starting/owning a practice.

Can someone help me negotiate benefits into my contract?

We assist soon to be graduates and veterinarians with negotiating benefits/money into your contract. We have many years of experience in providing this service.

Should I still purchase my own individual disability insurance if I am going to an internship/residency after graduation?

Yes! You have current and future income to protect. For interns we design a plan to accommodate your reduced income during this time.

Should I still purchase my own individual disability insurance if I'm going to a corporate practice after graduation?

Yes! Call us to find out why!

Do you have someone who can help me discuss becoming a partner or purchasing/starting my own practice.

We provide advice in both purchasing/starting a practice as well as buying into an existing practice. 

Do you charge any planning or consultation fees?

No- we do not charge any planning or consultation fees. 

What People Say

I have worked with Keith since 1998, he helped me purchase my small animal practice. His expertise has been invaluable for the past 20 years. — Dr. O Ocala, FL

I contacted TPVS on behalf of my daughter when she was getting ready to graduate so I could help her determine which disability insurance plan was the best for her at graduation time. They have been absolutely wonderful to work with. — Mom of 2020 Grad

Thank you so much for working with me and everyone in the veterinary community!! — Dr. S Class of 2020 VBMA-VP

Wanted to thank you for your help. Signing up for the disability insurance and giving me some great advice on how to handle my first year out of school financially. It gave me some peace of mind! — Dr. R Class of 2020

I wanted to thank you for your time this past weekend. It helped me clear up a great deal of questions that I had! I am definitely going to tell my classmates about the disability program. — Dr. B Class of 2020

You are not going to believe this - they happily agreed to $90,000 instead of $75,000! I am flabbergasted haha. Thank you so much for encouraging me - I would have never done it on my own! — Dr. G Class of 2020

Your tips that you provided during the Zoom event are the reason that this offer started out as an $80,000 annual salary no production but evolved to $95,000 plus production. Thank you so much again, you both have been instrumental in forming my life after graduation. — Dr. B Class of 2021

I was referred to Keith and David by another classmate of mine. I called them and they helped me negotiate an additional $10,000 into my first year contract. I would highly recommend their services. — Dr. D Class of 2021