Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I use TPVS? 

A. We specialize in working with veterinarians and have done so for over thirty years. In addition, we have discounts and other benefits available that are not available through other agents/brokers/companies.

Q. Do you have veterinarians that I can speak with as well?

A. We have several veterinarians who serve as educational consultants and assist with resume writing and interviewing. In addition, they can provide advice on working as a veterinarian and starting/owning a practice.  

Q. Can someone help me negotiate benefits into my contract?

A. We specialize in negotiating benefits/money into your contract. We have many years of experience in providing this service. We are also aware as to what corporations offer and well as what you need as a new grad. 

Q. Do you charge any planning or consultation fees?

A. No- we do not charge any planning or consultation fees. 

Q. Do you have someone who can help me discuss becoming a partner or purchasing/starting my own practice. 

A. We provide advice in both purchasing/starting a practice as well as buying into an existing practice. 

Q. Should I still purchase my own individual disability insurance if I am going to an internship/residency after graduation?

A. Yes! You have income to protect and we design you a plan to accommodate your lower income during this time.

Q. Should I still purchase my own individual disability insurance if I'm going to a corporate practice after graduation?

A. Yes! Call us to find out why!

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